A turbo timer is actually a device which is designed to keep an engine of the vehicle for the pre-specified time period to automatically execute the cool down period necessary for preventing the premature turbo wear and failure.

It is actually a small electronic gadget which is really very helpful to keep an engine of any automotive devices running for the particular period of time in order to allow the auto cool down before cutting off the ignition. This is a main purpose of turbo timer which is used in all types of the automotive products.

Functions of the turbo timer:

A turbo timer allows you set the timer based on the requirements when you would wish to have your vehicle engine to shut off and also leave it after parking. As the part of the turbocharged engine, the turbo timers are very important for all the vehicles. A vehicle engine with the turbocharger should be at rest just for a few minutes after being driven hard for allowing it to properly cool.

Shutting off an engine immediately after the hard drive can cause somewhat severe damage to the turbo charger to possibly even running it. The turbo charger will be really very helpful to keep your car engine running after you turn off the key for a few minutes to provide bearings and also some other heat sensitive parts in the turbo to totally cool down before it will stop spinning. It significantly adds to the useful life of bearings and also the turbo as the entire unit. With the help of an external switch, the turbo timer can actually be disabled in an easier manner.

turbo timers

Other functions of the turbo timer:

  • When the turbo timer is used in your vehicle, it usually continues to properly circulate the oil through the center posture of the turbo charger after a vehicle has been shut off.
  • It is really very helpful to reduce the heat and preventing the oil around the bearing from cooking into the coking which is also known as the hard crust that cause the bearing and thus the turbo to fail.
  • Oil coking is as well as removed by the foil bearings. The highly problematic and very complex barrier against the oil coking is the use of the water cooled bearing cartridges.
  • When the engine is turned off and also forms a natural re-circulation to drain away the existing heat, the water boils in the vehicle car cartridge.


In order to boost the functions and other benefits of the automotive engine, it is highly necessary to make use of the turbo timer in a very careful manner. When you have a diesel engine in the diesel car or other vehicle, you should have to install the diesel turbo timer to do all these functions in a better manner. Diesel easily cools down the engine than the petrol which is only less of the need to also cool down.